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Angie Heimann

Don’t Cut Off Your Ear!
From “Starry, Starry Night” (Don McLean’s “Vincent”) to “Tomorrow Never Knows” (Beatles), films, books, art, and history have long inspired songs. Pop culture is chock-full of fascinating ideas, fresh angles, and song furniture. Your favorite authors, directors, and artists can provide fodder for your lyric message and color. 

Add Harmony to Your New Song
Have you ever admired Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel, or the Eagles? Adding the richness of harmonies to your song will make it memorable and oh-so-pretty! Come find out how you can add harmony pizzazz to your new song in this workshop.

Dave Pascoe & Laura Benson

Be a Song Leader
Having band members or accompanists make your songs so much richer. Dave and Laura will show you how you can create enough space in your songs to allow for these collaborations and add depth and beauty to your arrangements.

Adding Color to Your Songs
How can you bring in chords that don’t “belong” in your key or mode to convey emotional moments or tension? Dave Pascoe will show you surprising ways to add depth and variety to your melodies. 

Writing as a Duo
Writing with a partner is quite different from co-writing. Dave and Laura will give you examples and ideas on how you and a musical counterpart can create fresh, interesting songs that draw from both of your strengths, as well as from your creative partnership.

Dave Nachmanoff & Stan DeWitt

Get Your Horse Out of That Barn
Dave and Stan both believe that thinking outside the box is so important that they each planned classes based on this concept! They decided to team up to help you “Get Your Horse Out of the Barn,” a play on David’s original title “Horses for Courses.” Whether it be your musical style, your guitar playing, or your lyric writing, Dave and Stan give you ways to break out of your stable and write something new. This course will be offered on the first and last days of camp, giving you time in between to get your horse ready for the race!

Dave Nachmanoff

Al Stuart’s Catalog and Chord Changes
As Al Stuart’s longtime accompanist, Dave is intimately familiar with his songs and chord changes. In this workshop, Dave will show you how Al Stuart composed unusual instrumental sections that vary from the progressions used in vocal sections. 

Performance Workshop
(Description coming soon… Please check back) 

Stan DeWitt

Harmony Choir
Join Stan in this year’s “Folk Festival!” We use music from the early folk era to learn how to sing together and create harmonies. Harmony Choir meets every morning at 11:30 in the Crafts Lodge. If you like to sing with others, this is for you. If you’ve never sung, this is for you as well! Fun, theatrical, and not too scary—with strength in numbers. A highlight of camp every year!

Get Your Horse Out of the Barn (see description above)

Jay Brown

Writing Legacy Songs I and II
Learn the process of the “creative interview” and use it as a base for your new song. In this co-writing workshop, you will listen to your co-writer’s stories or descriptions of loved ones and create an original song from this material. Jay will give you guidance and examples from his eight years as a hospice music therapist. Participants will then be paired up for 20–30 minutes to conduct their own interviews. In part II of this workshop, Jay and your peers will help you refine your lyrics. 

Piedmont Pickin’ and Ragtime
Jay will demonstrate these two styles and show you, through slow breakdowns of techniques, how you can use them in songwriting or for rewriting old tunes. 

Michael McNevin

The “Wordle” Is Your Oyster!
“Phrase Rhyming,” “Non-Sequiturs,” and even the NYT “Wordle” puzzle make for great song prompts. Get off the blank page and the beaten path. Write your experiences in new ways, and hatch fictional narratives from scratch. It’s easier than you think. 

Sara Glaser

In this lyrics-focused workshop we’ll share strategies for: letting our creative freak flags fly, reconnecting to our song’s central emotion and story to generate content, turning a tired phrase or predictable rhyme on its ear, fluffing up vowels and consonants for maximum effect, patching empty or weak spots with muscley words, and more. Put in your two cents and come away with a pocket full of “change”!


Writing Hall for All
Friday–Sunday, 10:30am–12:30pm, stay in the main lodge or find a special spot to work with our teachers, coaches, peers, or by yourself.

Pick Your Poison
Friday and Saturday afternoons, 2:30–4:30pm, choose from these activities:
Improve your instrumental chops with our teachers; refine your lyrics or melody with a coach; jam with others in the Craft’s Lodge; practice at the Amphitheater Open Mic; go on a Haiku walk with Arturo; or paint with Linda.  

Song Finishing
Have you ever been stuck on that one verse, or been unable to find a graceful exit out of your song, or just feel that your song needs some luster? Fret not! Our teachers and coaches are here to help you finish up and get your song polished for Sunday night’s New Song Coffee House!